About us.

Nemesis Fitness is a brand for everyone, whether you are male, female, athletic or just looking to live a better lifestyle, we can help you.

We specialize in nutritional consulting so you can bet to see results within days of starting with us. All our plans are personalized to you wants and needs and we value every client so you can trust this brand for delivering REAL personal plans that fit best with you. We approach this lifestyle a little differently to other brands. Here at Nemesis Fitness we don't want you feeling like you are on a "diet plan" or "training plan". We want you to feel that is starting to become your new lifestyle. This works best for keeping clients on track and avoiding bad rebounds after you leave us.

Our goal is to help you change your lifestyle and show you how easy it is so to do so without drastic changes.

What do you get?

  • Access to the Nemesis app.

  • 1 on 1 online coaching.

  • Personalized meal plans - Integrated with MyFitnessPal.

  • Personalized training plans - Integrated with Fitbit, apple watch and apple health.

  • Biweekly check ins with adjustments to your plan if needed.

  • 24/7 support via the in-app messenger.

  • Library of 5000+ demonstration clips of all exercises.

  • Library of healthy recipes for you to use.

  • Marketplace full of educational videos and courses on nutrition and training.

  • Supplement, cardio guide and shopping list.

What am I paying for?

1 on 1 coaching. ~ Value $100

I will be your personal online coach. There is a limit to client base for a reason. I give all my time to the amount of clients Nemesis Fitness has at the moment. This guarantees that you get all the attention you need and assures that your programs stay up to date and personal to YOU.

Personalized meal plans. ~ Value $139

Your meal plan will be custom made to your personal needs. You don't have to follow a boring diet with foods you hate. You tell me what you want in the diet and I will find a way to build it in to your meal plan. I want you to enjoy the process as much as you are gonna enjoy the results. So if you want pizza, fine I will give you pizza somewhere and some how. *You can also integrate your app with MyFitnessPal if you want to be flexible with meals.*

Personalized training plans ~ Value $99

Yeah but I do not have a gym or any equipment. All good! I will build your training plan to what you have available to you. When you sign up I ask you exactly what you have access to. So if you have access to a full gym or no gym, doesn't matter. We will make it work. Nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. *Integrate your Fitbit or apple watch to have accurate calorie expenditure readings.*

> Home gym

> Full gym

> No gym

Whatever you have (even if you don't have anything) your plan is built to what you have access to.

Biweekly check ins. ~ Value $59

Check in with your coach every second week (biweekly). This helps with keeping your plan up to date with the progress your are making. Your coach will make changes to your plan when you progress and need some adjustments to break through plateaus. So you don't need to stress if you are on the right plan or not because your plan will constantly be updated when needed.

Library of 5000+ tutorial videos. ~ Value $200

No need to stress whether you are doing a exercise correctly. With every exercise on your training plan you will find a short tutorial video explaining and showing the correct for. So you are always doing the workout correctly.

Recipe library. ~ Value $79

There will be a library of recipes that will be updated regularly with new ones for you to try and incorporate into your meal plan. See, no more boring diets . I will show you how dieting can be fun.

Supplement recommendation ~ Value $49

I will also give you a in depth layout on what supplements to take and also show you how you can manipulate certain supplements to get even more/better results with them.

Total value of $725

You get it all for only USD $185 | ZAR R1000 | EUR €170

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