Below are the words of clients that have stuck to the plan and reaped the benefits. Read their stories, get inspired. Yours could be up here one day!

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~ Ethan Baird @ethan.j.baird.16

"I just want to say thank you for all the effort and time Nemesis Fitness has put into my diet and training plan. I could really see that it was completely designed just for me. Every time I thought I was not going to make more progress my coach Jadin knew exactly what to change and when to change it, the results just continued Thanks again for personalizing my package. It is nice paying for something and seeing that it is not just a copy and paste diet or training plan. I lost over 10lbs and put on so much muscle during my time with Nemesis Fitness!

I highly recommend them."

~ Tiaan Botes @tiaan_bxtes

"The first time I used Nemesis Fitness app it was so easy to find everything. It was so easy to get access to all the different categories (diet, training, check ins and messenger). It is really a one of a kind training app that has an awesome design and so easy to use! Plus the programs are awesome!"

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~ Keyno Jooste @jooste_keyno

"I have always struggled to put on size or even muscle for that matter but when I joined Nemesis Fitness I could see and feel a change within weeks of starting my program. I gained alot of weight as I wanted. I am also not a person to really stick to a strict diet but that is what makes Nemesis Fitness different. I answered the start up form and put in all the foods I love eating and all of them where in my diet from day 1. I could be flexible with my diet because I just link MyFitnessPal to my program and my coach could see everyday what I was eating and he would guide me in making the right choices. There is no better than Nemesis Fitness and I would not recommend any other brand but Nemesis Fitness."

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~ Jadin Jooste @jadin.jooste

"This is my very own personal transformation during Covid-19 lockdown. No gym and no strict diet. This was me attempting to just lean out and stay in shape during lockdown. Proof that you can achieve whatever physique you want as long as you put the work in.

As the owner of Nemesis Fitness I always try and set the example to my clients. I practice what I preach as you can see in the images. I encourage you to not hesitate and try out Nemesis Fitness!"