Meet your coach

Jadin Jooste

Hey and welcome to Nemesis Fitness. I am your coach Jadin. I will be by your side all the way motivating you to stick to your plan and do 100%. This journey is going to hard. But I promise by the end of it we will look back as a team and you will be proud for pushing through. I will give you everything you need, all you have to do is give it your 100%.

A little about me. I am super passionate about fitness and health and I believe you can see that in the support I will provide you. I currently specialize in nutritional consultancy and I have competed in men's physique contests as well as help many people reach their goals. I can help you reach whatever goal you want to achieve whether it be weight loss, weight gain or even just being healthier overall.

I look forward to meeting you and cannot wait to see the results you are going to achieve!

Your coach


Currently studying Diploma in nutritional consultancy